CALLING CARD: Michael Mauti

Penn State linebacker tackled a variety of topics from the Penn State offense and defense, Temple game and EMU prep in his Tuesday interview session.

Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti tackled topics today. Here's a sampling of his comments. Click the link bnelow for his full interview.

On the defense's thoughts of keeping PSU in games:

"Yeah that's a feeling we have. If you want to be a good team you have to pick each other up. They (the offense) have to figure out some things and I think they will."

On Eastern Michigan being one dimensional with a ground game focus:

"It helps a little bit but what makes them challenging is their QB is a good runner and can make somwething out of nothing."

On what the Temple game revealed about the defense:

"We take away that we can make things happen in terms of turnovers and big plays. The linebackers are right there as a big part of that making interceptions and forced fumbles."

On preparing for Eastern Michigan prep:

"The Scout Team is prepaing us well. The quarterback is different and he can tuck and run."

On the play of the front seven:

"In Alabama (game) I thought we played well, but a few series we could have done beter on. We're getting better every week. I think the Temple game was a big step for us. We just need to execute and build on what we've done."

On his own health:

"I was full..."

CALLING CARD: Michael Mauti


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