CALLING CARD: Brandon Beachum

See what Penn State running back Brandon Beachum had to say about the close Temple win and preparation for Eastern Michgian here.

Penn State RB Brandon Beachum fielded questions on Wednesday about the close call with Temple and the upcoming Eastern Michigan clash. See a sampling of his comments below and the full review at the link below.

On being in the game for Penn State's winning drive vs. Temple:

"It was great being in at that point of the game because we really needed to put a drive together and really needed a touchdown. I was privileged to be in at the time and to get a couple carries at that point. I felt the coaching staff had the confidence in me that I could get the job done."

On if his key pick on fourth-and-1 on that drive, which set up a touchdown, can be a turning point for the season:

"That was a really big play that we needed at a crucial point of the game. … I don't know if it was the turning point. I think the overall win was the turning point. A big part of that was attributed to the defense. … It was a big turning point in the sense that we were put in a difficult position where we needed somebody to make plays and guys to make plays - really it was the whole drive, not just that fourth-and-1. That really tested our character as a team, and facing that kind of adversity going into this week and the rest of the season, we kind of have a chip on our shoulders now because we know we can get the job done."

On what he thought when his number was called on that key play:

"To be honest, I was worried about the next play, what my..."

CALLING CARD: Brandon Beachum


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