Turning Frustrations into Progress

The Penn State offensive linemen have had their fair share of setbacks and frustrations this season. But they aren't letting that stop them, and Fight On State finds out why.

The Penn State offensive line is trying to turn its frustrations from the past several games into progress – especially senior DeOn'tae Pannell.

"We are frustrated in the sense that we know we can do better," Pannell said. "And we expect ourselves to do better so we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to continue to improve."

He added, "And that's what were looking to do this week, were looking to have a really good performance."

One of the ways that Pannell hopes to do that, is through hard work. He thinks it will show when the Lions face Eastern Michigan at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

"We just know we have to come to practice everyday ready to work," Pannell said. "You can't just come to practice and expect everything to work."

And in practice, they are focusing on one thing in particular.

"We just need to finish drives, and we have made some good drives but we haven't come up with six points," Pannell said. "It's a big thing when your offense can't put up six points at least every other time, so were looking to do that."

Pannell knows that the offense hasn't shown its full potential yet, and last week's contest against Temple was a wake-up call.

"It was a good game, and a good situation for us to be in to see what kind of team we are going to be," Pannell said of playing Temple. "But obviously there needs to be improvement, we need to get better and show people what kind of team we can be."

Part of the way that they plan on showing exactly what they can do during the next several games is by using one of their best attributes — confidence.

"We were and still are a very confident group," Pannell said. "We have so much experience up front, we know that things will come together and we need to work hard at practice and things will take care of themselves."


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