Senior Penn State fullback ran through a variety of topics on Wednesday from the offensive prep, to the Hoosier's defense and more.

Below is a sampling of senior fullback Joe Suhey's comments from Wednesday. Click the link below for Suhey's full comments on Penn State's quarterback duel, the state of the squad, Indiana's defense and more.

On getting used to two QBs:

"For me it's not much of an adjustment. Both guys have done well and we're confident with both."

"The offense doesn't really change between them and they are both confident."

On how his high school experience prepared him for Penn State:

"I absolutely loved Loyola and it was an honor to play for that team. My coaches had so much passion for the game. My little brother is on the team now and they are a team contending every year."

On if he thought the QB situation would be resolved by now:

"Honestly I don't think the team thinks about. That's not our problem. We have to get better in all areas and not just focus on the QB position."

On where the team is now:

"It's hard to tell. We've had tough..."

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