IND: Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short in Penn State's victory over Indiana Saturday? Get the lowdown.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Our report card from Penn State's 16-10 win over Indiana.

OVERALL: The Hoosiers had more trouble with Ball State than they did PSU and were fresh off a loss to North Texas. This game should not have been nearly so close.
Grade: C-

OFFENSE: This unit generated plenty of yards. But a series of mistakes nearly proved fatal.
Grade: D

DEFENSE: By and large a good job, given how bad the offense was. We thought this group played a little too loose near the end, though.
Grade: C+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Anthony Fera had a nice day but the Lions did not get much out of the return game.
Grade: B

COACHING: We're not going to take the coaches to task for the on-field mistakes in this one.
Grade: C

INTANGIBLES: Even when the Lions were struggling, you never got the feeling they'd lose their first game to the Hoosiers.
Grade: B

OTHER GUY: IU played hard. But first-year coach Kevin Wilson is sorely lacking for talent.
Grade: D+

OFFICIALS: Some goofy calls but nothing that ended up impacting the outcome.
Grade: C

CROWD: It was listed at 42,621. Yeah right.
Grade: D-


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