Wrestling With Carson's Comment

The Penn State linebacker took a verbal shot at Nittany Lion nemesis Iowa Tuesday. But just how serious was he?

"Iowa is more of a wrestling school, and Penn State is a football school," PSU linebacker Glenn Carson said jokingly midway through a conference call Tuesday.

Key word here ladies and gentlemen: "jokingly."

I was on the call and sure, I laughed. I got the joke. Seems like not everybody did.

Well, when you really take a look at what the linebacker said, it makes sense.

"I always great up knowing that Iowa was a great wresting school," Carson said. "But I think that we are the great wrestling school now."

Carson won the 215-pound state wrestling championship his senior year at Southern Regional HS in Manahawkin, N.J. — but he isn't the only Nittany Lion that excelled on the mats.

"Mike Hull was a good wrestler and Gerald Hodges," Carson said. "We have never wrestled, but even the coaches kind of push Gerald and my buttons about who would win."

Fast forward back to Tuesday, and Carson is talking about the Hawkeyes, who have beaten the Lions in eight of the last nine meetings.

"I think we all understand what has happened in the past few years," Carson said. "And I don't think we have executed well in the years past."

He added, "We all understand the history vs. Iowa at Penn State. And if we didn't than I'm sure that the loss last year at Iowa, with the fans yelling at us, reminded us of it."

Penn State lost 24-3 in Iowa City last season. The Hawkeye faithful were more than happy to add insult to injury.

"The Iowa sideline was really small," Carson remembered. "So the stands were really close to us. You could hear the Iowa fans heckling us, and they were saying things like raise your hand if you ever beat Iowa. And that is the one thing that stood out to me."

And it's still standing out and serving as a source of motivation.

"It doesn't bother me, it didn't get under my skin or anything like that," Carson said. "It's something that I remembered and something that I kept in the back of my mind. It's something … that kind of gives me a little incentive to beat these guys."

So Carson and the rest of the Lions decided it was time to change things.

"They came after us pretty hard, and they are a good team," Carson said. "They think that they have this stranglehold on us, but like I said, we have to humble them up a little bit and win this year."


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