Penn State DT Jordan Hill tackles topics from his Tuesday session with the media like Devon Still, Purdue's offense, the Iowa win and more.

Here's a sampling of Jordan Hill's comments on Tuesday morning. Click the link below to read a full summary of what the Penn State defensive tackle had to say.

On playing along side Devon Still:

"I've learned a lot from him; he's grown a lot since he's been here. He's playing lights out and I don't see another defensive tackle playing with his intensity."

On if the defense enjoys the game being on their shoulders:

"In past years Iowa has run the ball at will on us and we wanted to show them those days are over. We just do what we have to."

On his thoughts on Purdue:

"We haven't really seen much film on them yet, today we'll see more. We'll watch more of them and see what we have to do."

On if the defense needs to improve:

"Definitely. As a defensive line we always want to get more..."

See Hill's Complete Calling Card Here


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