PURDUE: Report Card

See who made the grade and who came up short in the Nittany Lions' win over the Boilermakers.

The FOS report card from Penn State's 23-18 win over Purdue at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

OVERALL: This game should not have been as close as it was.
Grade: C

OFFENSE: Penn State once again left too many points on the field. Mark our word, that's going to come back to bite the Lions.
Grade: C-

DEFENSE: Perhaps a letdown should have been expected following the emotional performance against Iowa.
Grade: C+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Yeah, there was one big breakdown. But overall this area was outstanding.
Grade: B+

COACHING: We didn't get the sense that either side of the ball was playing with a lot of energy.
Grade: C

INTANGIBLES: As tight as it was, did you ever really get the sense Penn State was in trouble? Neither did we.
Grade: B

OTHER GUY: How many times did the Boilermakers hurt themselves with penalties and other mistakes? Purdue does not have the look of a well-coached team.
Grade: D

OFFICIALS: We knew to expect goofiness when Dave Witvoet made the scene.
Grade: D

CROWD: Attendance was listed at 100,802, but we're guessing it was really about 10 grand less than that. Those on hand were loud at the end of the game, though.
Grade: B-


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