WTAJ meteorologist Joe Murgo lets you know if the dire reports for the weekend are a snow job or something for which you ought to worry.

Here we are early in the week and the rumor mill is really running for the game the Penn State-Illinois game Saturday.

And no, we are not talking about the coaches or players — it’s the weather. Yes, there are a couple of computer model runs that have suggested some snow for the end of the week.

The combination of possible headline-grabbing weather, people who take any opportunity to play up a storm and the fact that some of the automated Internet forecasts were off of those computer runs really has made for a lot of speculation.

Let me just say that it really is too early. A matter of 50 miles on a system can mean the difference from nothing to rain to snow. And we’re talking about something that is five days away and hasn’t really formed. While a minority of model runs have a storm that could bring an accumulating snow, the majority do not.

Does this mean that the weather will be gorgeous for the game? No.

No matter what, it looks like it will be quite chilly.  

Basically, there are two scenarios for later in the week. Both start with a chilly rainfall Thursday that may mix with wet snowflakes before ending. I’m not expecting this to be a factor that would involve the weekend.

The more likely scenario at this point is that two separate systems stay spread out in separate jet stream branches. This will make for a nice day Friday and then some snow or rain showers Saturday. In this case, there may not be much at all, but it will still be a cold game.

Scenario two is that these two systems phase together and then we will have a more significant rain and/or snow event. At this point, though, it’s still the odd man out.

I’ll have a better feel as the week progresses and will keep you updated.

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