Penn State's defensive tackle Jordan Hill tackled a variety of topics on Tuesday morning. Get a look at some of his comments here.

Here is a sampling of Jordan Hill's comments. Click the link below to read his entire interview and debate and discuss his comments.

On last year's game against Illinois:

"Having a loss like that is never anything you like. It was bad, but a learning experience. This year we get them back home again. But we're both different teams."

On turnovers and the difference this year:

"Coach has definitely stressed that a lot. He's said that is a key to success. There's a greater sense of urgency to get the ball on defense."

On what he learned from the 2010 Illinois game:

"It's one of those things where you don't want any one to come in our house and do that again. We played flat and we just want to go out and play the best we can."

On Sean Stanley:

"He gets off the ball. He's not a bigger guy. but he's flying around."

On what concerns him with the Illinois offense:

"We haven't gotten to see much film. They are running the ball really well now. That QB is really..."

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