Updating the PSU Staff Changes

Who will be doing what at Beaver Stadium Saturday now that Joe Paterno has been fired and Mike McQueary is on administrative leave? Check it out right here.

A day after Tom Bradley was named interim head coach at Penn State and a day before the No. 12 Nittany Lions take on No. 19 Nebraska at Beaver Stadium, we now know how his staff will be situated for the contest.

This is what you can expect to see, according to our sources:

Defensively, there will be no significant changes. Bradley, the former defensive coordinator, will continue to make the primary calls from the sideline.

Line coach Larry Johnson will also be on the field. New defensive line assistant Elijah Robinson, who was formerly a graduate assistant, will be on the field, too. Linebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden and secondary coach Kermit Buggs will be in the box.

Bradley has named Johnson and Vanderlinden co-defensive coordinators. And it is expected that they will take over the play-calling starting with a game at Ohio State next week.

Offensively, the key change will be that receivers coach Mike McQueary will not be in the stadium. The athletic department has put him on administrative leave due to threats that have arisen from his role as a witness in the Jerry Sandusky scandal that led to the firing of former coach Joe Paterno.

McQueary held an important role on the sideline. He received the play calls from co-offensive coordinators Galen Hall and Jay Paterno (who work from the press box) and relayed them to the quarterbacks.

McQueary will be replaced in that role by graduate assistant coach Terrell Golden, who will also organize the receivers. Golden, who is known as "Turk" within the program, as been wearing a headset and carrying a play card all season, so the change won't be a big one for him.

Also on the field will be offensive line and tight ends coach Bill Kenney.

Hall and offensive line coach Dick Anderson will remain in the press box. Jay Paterno is moving to the sideline. Hall and Jay Paterno will continue to call plays. Bradley will only chime in if decisions must be made in specific situations, such possible going for it on fourth-and-short.

Also, there will be a change in protocol from the way the head coach arrives at the stadium. For most of his career, Paterno would arrive with the first bus, which carries the offensive players.

Bradley will arrive with the second bus, which carries the defensive players.

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