Penn State's interim head coach met the media Tuesday. Check out our quick-hitting recap from Scott Cole.

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A quick-hitting recap of interim Penn State coach Tom Bradley's weekly press conference.

1. Are you concerned about the players having something left emotionally after Saturday?

Tom hopes so. They will have an enthusiastic and energetic practice in pads today and then they will back off to keep their legs fresh.

2. Tom thinks it's another part of a tragedy that's occurring that the Big Ten has removed Joe Paterno's name from the championship trophy.

3. This week, Coaches Johnson and Vanderlinden will handle all of the defensive calls. Bill Kavanaugh has been named wide receivers coach.

4. The players were great yesterday at practice. They enjoy coming to practice because they can be themselves. They know they are still in the hunt for the Big Ten championship and are in for a tough game at the Horseshoe.

5. Tom spoke with Ohio State and has been assured there will be no safety issues.

6. With a week to work on the new defensive set up, Tom hopes that the new set up will work. If there is a problem, Tom can always go back to signaling in the defensive calls. They didn't have a chance to prep the offensive system given Mike being taken out of it late in the week. They've had a chance to talk about those issues now and Tom thinks they will be ok this week.

7. Yesterday, Tom got an overview with the offense. Tom wanted the offensive players to get to know him. He doesn't have the same relationship with them as he does on defense. In order to interject on offense, he will have to know more than he does today. Tom will also handle the field goal kicking unit in place of Mike McQueary. He coached special teams for 15 years, so there shouldn't be a problem there.

8. Luke Fickell called yesterday and asked Tom how he was doing. Luke is a friend of Tom's. They've been on the road together. They did talk about a couple of things they wanted to do for the game.

9. It's still Ohio State-Penn State. It's all about our players and their players. It's going to be an exciting game and both teams are in the hunt for the conference title. It doesn't get much better than that.

10. Tom doesn't think the scandals at OSU and PSU have tarnished college football as a sport.

11. The coaches have spoken with Ohio State about doing something prior to the coin toss.

12. The team will be allowed to go to a bowl game. This scandal has nothing to do with the players. Tom has been keeping the team in the loop and answering questions from them

13. Tom has not seen Joe Paterno yet.

14. Tom didn't see the Sandusky interview on NBC last night.

15. There has been no discussion at all about not playing a bowl game or not playing next season. Dr. Erickson has spoken with Jim Delaney

16. Bill Kavanaugh is the new recruiting coordinator. The coaches had a teleconference with the recruits and they had a chance to ask questions of Mark Sherburne, Tom and the coaching staff. They wanted to be sure that everyone was hearing the same thing.

17. Silas is banged up and will not be hit this week, but Tom expects him to play Saturday.

18. Tom started the meeting yesterday by reminding the players that they still control their own destiny.

19. Tom doesn;t know if any of the players have met with Coach Paterno. They have been great at practice, great during the game. They have handled themselves as well as anyone could hope. He told them he was very proud of them prior to the game.

20. Going on the road allows you to form a bond. An us against the world attitude. Tom is trying to get around and make sure he's not missing anything. He met with the redshirts last night at study hall. He can't let them go unnoticed or unattended to, so Tom called for a mandatory study hall from 10-12.

21. Tom will see Coach Paterno at some point. If Tom called him right now, he knows what Joe would say. Joe would ask Tom why he's calling when he has so many things to do. Tom told the players that the expectations are the expectations. Tom made it clear that if anyone steps out of line, he will come down fast and hard on those people.

22. Anything Tom hears, he communicates to the team. There are certain things he can't answer, but he does want to keep the players informed. He has talked to the team about their Twitter and Facebook accounts because those accounts are being monitored. The rule is if it's ok for your mother to read it, then it's ok to post it. Otherwise, don't.

23. Tom doesn't know if Mike McQueary is done at Penn State.

24. The Horseshoe hasn't been a great place for Penn State. They haven't played their best games there. Every year is different. This is a new team. That is all Tom is worried about.

25. It's a distraction for the players. They have great leadership on this team. Tom is just trying to keep everyone on the same page. If he doesn't know something, he will tell them that and then go find the answer. He will tell the players the truth.

26. Tom has never heard anyone express reservations about using the shower where the alleged incident occurred.

27. Tom has put the players off limits to the media this week. A lot of the questions they are being asked they are not sure how to answer. If anyone has Ohio State questions, they can answer those.

28. Whether it's fair or not that Joe Paterno has not given his side of the story is immaterial to Tom. The coaching staff was in the office until after midnight last night working on the Ohio State game plan. They are solely focused on this game.

29. Tom has decided on Matt McGloin as the unquestioned starter.

30. Braxton Miller is an excellent quarterback. He's awful good in open space. He's quick. He's got an outstanding future ahead of them. Their offense is tough. It's a heck of a football team. Their offensive line is a big time group. Miller adds another dimension with his legs.

31. Terrelle Pryor has texted back and forth with Tom. He has offered Tom his support.

32. Tom will do anything he can to help the team win, including giving thoughts about the offense.

33. Tom has no thoughts beyond this season. He is just doing the job he has been asked to do.

34. The call with the current players' parents turned out to be a very positive thing. Tom is thinking about having a regular conference call going forward so that everyone is in the loop.

35. Tom is not going to talk about his relationship with Jerry Sandusky.

36. Tom is fine with the players doing something prior to the Ohio State game. He did not go onto the field with him before the Nebraska game and won't go onto the field before this game either. He told the players that as long as what they had planned was in good taste, he was fine with it. They came out last weekend for the victims, for Penn State and for themselves.

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