McQueary Says Little in CBS "Interview"

The network had the Penn State assistant on camera. But he answered no pointed questions.

The CBS Evening News led Tuesday's edition with what it billed as the first interview with Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary since the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke.

It hardly turned out to be an interview.

On camera outside what appeared to be his house, McQueary was dressed in a yellow shirt.

Here is how it went:

REPORTER: Do you have any idea when you think you might be ready to talk?

MCQUEARY: This process has to play out. I just don't have anything else to say. At all.

REPORTER: OK. And just one last thing. Just describe your emotions right now.

MCQUEARY: All over the place, just kind of shaken.



REPORTER: And you said what, like a?

MCQUEARY: Snow globe.

REPORTER: Like a snow globe?

MCQUEARY: Yes sir.

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