Another Of PA's Finest

Anthony Morelli and Chad Henne, who many think are two of the top QBs in the country, are only two of several Division I quarterback prospects in the state of Pennsylvania this year. Another is Mike Bernhard from William Allen HS in Allentown, PA.

Name: Mike Bernhard
Position: QB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8
School: William Allen SHS, Allentown, PA

Mike has been the starting quarterback at William Allen High School since the second game of his sophomore season. Last season, as a junior, Bernhard threw for 2,380 yards and 22 touchdowns, leading his team to a 7-5 record.

"Most people are saying, and I agree, that he has an NFL arm already," William Allen head coach Kevin Ronalds said of his star quarterback. "He's very strong, very accurate and throws the ball effortlessly. He's very poised back there. He makes a lot of his own decisions already as far as calling plays and changing plays at the line. He's very confident and makes a great impression when somebody gets to meet him one on one. You can tell he's got a lot of confidence. He'll look you dead in the eye. He's going to be somebody's captain one day wherever he ends up."

Coach Ronalds listed Michigan State, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky as the teams seemingly most interested in Mike so far. According to Ronalds, Michigan State has offered Bernhard a scholarship.

Mike attended Penn State's football camp last summer and has also taken an unofficial visit to Boston College.

"This summer he's going to be attending a lot of camps, pretty much all of the schools I mentioned and some others. Syracuse is coming in there and he'll probably try to get there too."

Mike registered for the Penn State Nike Camp, but was a no-show.

"He did not attend. He was going to be going to Purdue's spring game instead, but his ride out there fell through."

The Nittany Lion coaching staff has shown interest in Mike.

"They've been in here. Coach Ganter was in here early in May.

"I think Penn State's kind of banking on the kid from Wilson West Lawn (Chad Henne). A couple of months ago, Coach Ganter said he didn't think they were going to be able to recruit Mike, but possibly. I don't know if things have changed or not. They know who they want. It's just a matter of whether they get him. I know there's no deadline on the offer they have out there already [to Henne], but sooner or later they'll put one if they don't get a commitment. If the deadline comes and goes, then they'll be back in on Mike I'm sure."

Does Mike have any early favorites?

"I don't believe he really does. He's wide open."

Bernhard excels in the classroom as well, maintaining a 3.9 GPA.

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