Senior captain DEvon Still discusses Wisconsin, his coaches, wrapping up his career and more here.

Devon Still tackled a bunch of topics this past week. Check out some of his comments below and get a review of his entire discussion at the link below.

On if beating Ohio State has helped get the team back into a normal routine:

"It helped us a lot. It boosted our confidence and got us back onto the same path before everything happened."

On his health last week:

"I was dealing with the flu, but my presence on the field I felt was too important to help my teammates. I feel good now. I feel like I was productive, but not stat-wise. I was not my total self."

On being a finalist for the Outland and Bednarik Awards:

"It's an honor and I have tried to focus on my play, so it means a lot to get considered for those honors."

On Wisconsin's offensive line:

"They are a big, aggressive group, so we'll have to attack like we have other lines. They are one of the best lines in the country."

On Tom Bradley handling the head role:

"I think he's been handling it..."



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