Lions Get in Short Work

Get a feel for the focus of practice as Penn State prepares for its key showdown with Wisconsin in Madison. Fullback Michael Zordich clues us in.

Most Penn State fans won't be forgetting the failed fourth-and-goal at Ohio State any time soon. It has been a key topic of discussion within the program, as well.

Tailback Silas Redd was stopped while trying to vault the pile at the goal line.

"All the guys on the team loved the call," fullback Michael Zordich said. "We were actually begging for them to make the call. When we didn't make it, it had nothing to do with who made the call, it was on the guys in the game."

He continued, "It was all on us and we had to take that in stride."

And now, that call is something that Penn State has been working on this week in practice.

"Those short third-and-ones and goal-lines," Zordich said. "At practice we are kind of going over what we need to do. Our technique needs to be better and we really just need to execute and get it done."

He added, "I think Ohio State did a good job of getting lower and getting off the ball, so we are really focusing on getting the job done."

That's not all the offense is focusing on this week.

"I think after seeing the film, all of us need to work on our leverage," Zordich said. "Usually we are down real low and able to get under the guy in front of us. Ohio State was really low and did a good job of getting under our pads and getting the lift."

He continued, "I think leverage is our number one thing."

But the Lions are moving onto their next opponent – Wisconsin.

"I think their defense kind of slides under the radar because they have such a powerful offense," Zordich said. "They are a whole lot of vanilla but they are very sound."

The Penn State offense isn't doing much different this week to prepare for Saturday's game in Madison, even though there is a lot on the line.

"Every week we just go out and try to get as many points as we can," Zordich said. "We know we have to put up points because they have a very powerful offense."

Something the Lions have done all season.

"This year we have been able to score enough points to give the defense some cushion," Zordich said. "And the defense has given us some cushion, too."

And Penn State hopes to continue to build upon that Saturday against the Badgers.


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