WIS: The Low Five

It was a final regular season game of lows with very few highs for the Nittany Lions.

Although Penn State was playing for a ticket to the first Big Ten title game, there was an avalanche of lows in this game that regularly stalled out the Nittany Lions.

The Low Five

FLIP IT: The interception but Matt McGloin, the Michael Zordich return fumble, the Silas Redd fumble...all told Penn State handed the Badgers four turnovers which is a back-breaker for the Nittany Lions. We mentioned in the FOS blitz that PSU had to take care of the ball and they flat out did not in this game.

WRAP IT: We also discussed how critical tackling and wrapping up would be to this defense. With offensive weapons like Ball and Wilson arm tackling clearly does not get it done. That was more than apparent in this game which saw few instances of either going down with the first hit.

COVER IT: Sure, we get that Penn State employs the soft zone, but the defense took it to another level which allowed Wilson light-years of open space to do his will to move the ball and pick up yardage. The PSU defenders simply gave him way too much to work with.

CALL IT: Aside from the unimaginative play-calling, the biggest point of frustration is running a 4-yard route on four and six.

DIG IT: Wisconsin simply dominated the trenches to open up running and passing lanes. The PSU staff didn't effectively use pressure and Badgers deserve credit.

Bonus Lows

FLAG IT: OK, so the officiating didn't lose this game for PSU, the lions did that all on their own. However, the consistency of the officiating was weak at best. That's probably enough said on the topic.

Obviously, there were not many highs in this one.

The High Five

PUNCH IT: Penn State came out swinging, which unfairly gave Penn State fans hope in this one. PSU was out to a fast 7-0 lead, but then quickly came crashing back down to reality.

TIP IT: Sure it was an implosion, but few ever thought PSU would be in a position to be playing for the Big Ten title game. Many fans were picking five to seven wins. As Tom Hoffman put it, this team has been playing on adrenaline and that sure seemed to run out. However, this team collectively deserves a lot of credit, so they deserve a top of the hat as Co-Champions of Leaders Division.


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