Joyner Targets 30-Day Window

Penn State's acting AD thinks a new coach will be in place within "the next several weeks." Interim coach Tom Bradley is the only candidate he will identify.

DALLAS — Dave Joyner, Penn State's acting athletic director, said Thursday he hopes to hire a new football coach in the "next 30 days."

"It's going fine," Joyner told a few reporters at the TicketCity Bowl news conference. "We have a list. It's going fine. I don't talk about it much."

There has been talk that Joyner wanted to hire someone before the Nittany Lions play Houston on Jan. 2 in the TicketCity Bowl.

"I think the target is the next 30 days," Joyner said. "The natural process takes time to work through. We're going to do a search as rapidly as we can, but we don't want to be careless. My guess is (we'll have someone) in the next several weeks."

Prerequisites for the new head coach, according to Joyner, are integrity, attention to academics and someone who knows how to win football games, in that order.

“And that's no different from what I think any head football coach should have,” he said.

As far as hiring from within the PSU family versus outside of it, Joyner said he's open to both options. He said hiring someone, say, like interim head coach Tom Bradley or quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno, would not be a negative, as long as that person exhibits the “three-pronged attack” as previously listed.

In addition to the aforementioned qualities, Joyner said that the new coach doesn't necessarily need previous head coaching experience, although that's a strong factor to consider.

Joyner would not go into detail as far as who the current candidates are, nor would he divulge how much the university is willing to pay. He also mentioned that he would not consult former longtime head honcho Joe Paterno.

“It's nothing against Joe, I'm just not going to talk to him,” Joyner said.

When asked if there were any finalists, Joyner smiled coyly and said, “We'll end up with one finalist and when we're ready, you'll know. I will say I'm happy with the interest that's been shown.”

The only name he referenced was Bradley's, and that was because the current interim coach gave his boss permission to do so. Joyner would not release anyone else's name out of respect.

Bradley has not officially interviewed for the job yet, but said he could as early as next week.

“I have obviously expressed interest and will interview and will be coaching the bowl game,” Bradley said. “My schedule has been tough because of recruiting.”

Speaking of recruiting, Bradley said the reactions he's received from prospects has been great and the kids have been receptive.

“They've had questions, we've answered the questions,” he said. “We've had open forums, like opportunities for parents to call in and hear from all the coaches collectively as one voice.”

Bradley said that when he's met with kids and their families, he sells the core values of Penn State and how, despite the obvious chaos, the campus hasn't changed, the college life hasn't changed, they're still a Big Ten football team and still have that family atmosphere.

Bradley said a few recruits have expressed concern, but only one has verbally told the program that he will look elsewhere.

“Everyone has a wait-and-see approach,” Bradley said. “They want to know who the next head coach is.”


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