FRAME GAME: Wide Nine Blitz

See how Houston quarterback Case Keenum used great blocking to exploit the Nittany Lion defense and open the scoring in Monday's TicketCity Bowl in Dallas.

DALLAS — The Wide Nine defensive front has gained a measure of notoriety of late, as NFL teams such as the Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles have used it extensively.

Simply speaking, it is a set where the defensive ends line up very wide outside of the offensive tackles, and attempt to use a speed rush to get to the quarterback.

Penn State went Wide Nine early against Houston in the TicketCity Bowl here Monday, and added another twist to the approach — blitzing two linebackers up the gut. It was the Courgars' first drive and the game was scoreless at the time.

See what happened on the play in question below. Remember, for the best view of the gallery, click the expand button (four outward facing arrows in the bottom right part of the frame).


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