PSU AD Won't Confirm Hire

On his way into a meeting with current coaches, Dave Joyner side-stepped questions on whether a deal has been struck for Bill O'Brien to take over as head coach at PSU.


At 5 pm ET Friday Joyner left Lasch Building, declining comment to the media. He was on his cell phone, saying he was on a conference call. He indicated that more information would be available on Saturday.

When asked specifically if a hire has been made, he would not comment.

Penn State acting athletic director Dave Joyner arrived at the Lasch Football Building Friday afternoon to meet with the Nittany Lion coaching staff. But he declined to confirm that New England Patriots' offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien has been named the new head coach at PSU.

"I'm not going to confirm anything," he said.

You can see the transcript of his short conversation with the media below:

Q: Has a hire been made?

DJ: I can't confirm that.

Q: Will you talk to us afterward?

DJ: I won't be out for a while. I have a strict, tight time schedule today. So we'll have stuff out to you later that you can use. There will be plenty of time for us to interact.

Q: What about Bill O'Brien? Any truth to that?

DJ: I'm not going to confirm anything, as I've always done, out of repect for people. So I peronally am not going to confirm anything yet. So when there is something to confirm we'll let you know.

Q: Are you going to meet the coaches now?

DJ: I'm going to say hello to the coaches and some folks now.

Q: Say hello or a meeting?

DJ: It's a meeting.

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