Early Commit Reaction

Although many recruits aren't prepared to speak officially on Penn State's new hire, FightOnState has reached out to most and has the latest from the commits in the Class of 2012.

On Saturday, Bill O'Brien was introduced as the 15th coach of Penn State's football team.

The biggest reaction from recruits? Intrigue.

Many have said they are not ready to speak on the record about the hire just yet, but seemed pretty willing and excited to learn more about O'Brien.

One in particular, Gilman School (Md.) lineman Brian Gaia admitted that he didn't know much about O'Brien as a coach, besides his position as OC for the Patriots – but he thought the hire was a positive for recruiting.

"I think it [O'Brien's hire] is a good thing for recruiting because if he can handle players like Tom Brady and Randy Moss," Gaia said. "He is tough enough to take on this situation at Penn State."

Gaia is one of the only recruits that have released any sort of opinion on the hire – but that hasn't stopped rumors from spreading like wildfire.

The most rumors seem to be centered around two of the most visible players in Penn State Class of 2012, the Catholic Memorial HS (Mass.) duo of Camren Williams and Armani Reeves.

Many are reporting that both commits would not be able to be kept around by O'Brien if Bill Kenney is not on staff – which they have denied.

Williams confirmed that both liked Kenney, their area recruiter, and hoped he would stay on staff – but his employment would not be the deciding factor in either's decision.

O'Brien has already begun to reach out to the commits in the Lions class of 2012.

According to FightOnState recruiting analyst Cory James, Dematha HS TE Brent Wilkerson will be receiving a call from Head Coach O'Brien on Sunday.

Other Notes:

-St. Joesphs Prep QB Skyler Mornhinweg has not released an official statement, but rumors have it that he is happy with the hire and will stay solid with PSU.
-After speaking to former PSU commit J.P. Holtz, it does not appear that the hire of O'Brien will sway him to look at PSU again.

Stay on FightOnState for the latest as O'Brien begins to contact the Class of 2012 and gets back into recruiting.

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