PSU Recruits Huddle Up

For the past several years Penn State has closed out the recruiting stretch with a "huddle" event, gathering a large group of pledges and prospects on campus. This weekend they continue the tradition.

Although Penn State has taken this group official visit approach for nearly a decade, this may be the most critical the Nittany Lions have seen. With Bill O'Brien joining the staff a week ago, this Saturday, he and his newly formed coaching staff are working to close out as strong as possible with the Class of 2012.

Not surprisingly, concerns have risen across the PSU pledges since Joe Paterno was removed as head coach on November 9. However, since O'Brien was hired he has spoken with most prospects and eliminated many concerns. However, that does not diminish the importance of this weekend towards preserving the class.

Veteran PSU coaches Larry Johnson (DL) and Ron Vanderlinden (LB) are expected to take charge of the weekend with new staffers like Stan Hixson (WR), John Butler (DB/ST) and Mac McWhorter (OL) meeting with the prospects.

Bill O'Brien is currently in Massachusetts and will coach the New England Patriots against the Denver Broncos in the divisional round playoff game in Foxboro at 8 pm ET.

However, the new Penn State head coach is slated to depart for Happy Valley shortly after the game's conclusion to spend Sunday with the visitors.

Most of the expected visitors have confirmed their visits with FOS. The current visitor list includes:

Demetrious Cox
Derek Dowery
Brian Gaia
Austin Johnson
Jake Kiley
Eugene Lewis
Skyler Mornhinweg
Jamil Pollard
Anthony Stanko
Jonathan Warner
Nyeem Wartman
Brent Wilkerson

As an aside, both Armani Reeves and Camren Williams, both Massachusetts natives, are scheduled to visit Penn State on January 27 for their official visits. If the Patriots manage to beat Denver and happen to win the conference championship there are no scheduled playoof games the weekend on the 27th, so O'Brien will presumably be able to spend the bulk of the weekend with both players.

Also, Akeel Lynch indicates he will visit Happy Valley the weekend of January 21.

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