Stanko Recaps Official

The first commit on the board for Penn State's class of 2012, was offensive lineman Anthony Stanko of Howland High in Warren, Ohio. After his official visit to PSU, he's even more excited to get on campus this summer.

For the Penn State class of 2012, the "huddle up" weekend is in the books – and it seems to have been pretty successful, at least for offensive lineman Anthony Stanko of Howland High in Warren, Ohio.

"I had a pretty fun weekend," Stanko said. "I got to talk with Coach Mac a lot."

Stanko added, "He's awesome. I couldn't be happier."

But that's not it.

"He's so much more than the resume too," Stanko said. "He has a great personality."

There were several things that stood out for the Ohio native during his official visit.

"When we were on the stadium tour," Stanko said. "They had all the speakers playing with crowd noise and a highlight tape playing on the board."

He continued, "It was pretty cool. We all got to walk out in the center of the field with the crowd noise going on."

The Warren, Ohio standout was also impressed with his first official meeting with Coach Bill O'Brien.

"We had a breakfast and then he had an individual meeting with every recruit and their family on Sunday," Stanko said. "That lasted like 15 minutes."

And his thoughts?

"I like him," Stanko said. "He had a chance to give us his perspective."

For Stanko, finding an overall theme for the weekend was pretty easy.

"I don't think that I could be happier with the situation," Stanko said excitedly. "I think I hit the jackpot."

And one of the biggest reasons? His position coach, Coach Mac McWhorter.

"I got to talk with Coach Mac the whole weekend, because I was the only offensive lineman there," Stanko said. "Anytime the coaches were with us, which was basically the whole weekend we were with him."

He added, "We could not stop talking to each other. He's going to get a chance to come out and meet us at the house one day, and do an in-house visit."

One of the many reasons that Stanko left more excited about the Nittany Lions than before his official visit.

"Now I know what to expect and what everyone is like," Stanko said. "I got to meet a bunch of players and I feel like I get along with everyone and I am really excited."


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