Many Suitors For Aliquippa CB

<b>Darelle Revis</b> is a highly recruited cornerback from Pennsylvania's Aliquippa High School. How many teams have extended scholarship offers to the outstanding athlete? How interested are the Nittany Lions?

Name: Darelle Revis
Position: CB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
School: Aliquippa SHS, Aliquippa, PA

On Wednesday morning, LionNews was able to have a brief Q&A with Aliquippa head coach, Mike Zmijanac.

Have you timed Darelle in the 40-yard dash?

"Fast. I have no clue. We never time our kids. You guys don't believe us anyway."

What positions does he play for Aliquippa?

"Cornerback and wideout."

Is he being recruited primarily as a cornerback?

"I would assume so, that's his best position I would think."

Does he have any scholarship offers?


Which schools have offered him a scholarship?

"Everybody. If I started to name them, I'd leave somebody out."

How many offers would you estimate he has?


Have the local teams like Pitt and Penn State offered?

"Yeah, Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, anybody you could name has offered him."

Has Darelle taken any visits?

"I would say no."

Do you know what his stats were last year?

"No, I don't pay any attention to that."

How would you describe him as a player?

"Real good. He's obviously very good. I don't know what to say. We've had lots of college players, we've had several pro players from our program. He's obviously a good player for those people to offer scholarships. I don't want to say anything that's going to compare him to my other kids."

Can you quickly tell us about Penn State's interest in Darelle?

"I guess they're interested. They offered him a scholarship, they must be interested."

Has Penn State been to school to talk to you about Darelle?

"Tom Bradley has, yes."

Is Darelle interested in Penn State?

"We'll find out. If he makes a commitment to Penn State then we'll know."

When is he planning to make a decision?

"Your guess is as good as mine right now."

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