Tug of War Fun at PSU Workout

New strength coach Craig Fitzgerald had the Nittany Lions all riled up with a new exercise to wrap their predawn workout. Check out the head-to-head competitions.

New Penn State strength coach Craig Fitzgerald had a message for the team at the end of Friday's early-morning outdoor training session.

"You can't hide from The Tug," he said.

Penn State capped its predawn workout by breaking in a new workout tool — a round blue thing with handles. It is designed for a two-man tug of war.

The idea is simple. Line up two players at the 5-yard line — one from offense and one from defense. Make sure they are of similar size. If the offensive player pulls The Tug across the goal line, he wins. If the defensive player pulls The Tug across the 10-yard-line, he wins.

There are three battles, featuring the Jets (skills guys), Bombers (linebacker, tight ends and fullbacks) and Tanks (defensive and offensive linemen).

The strength staff picks which athletes have at it.

You can see what unfolded in Friday's action above. The matchups were as follows:

• Jets: TB Derek Day vs. S Malcolm Willis

• Bombers: FB Michael Zordich vs. LB Gerald Hodges

• Tanks: OG John Urschel vs. DT Jordan Hill.

Zordich (left) vs. Hodges as Fitzgerald looks on.

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