Brown Talks Junior Day

2013 quarterback Boeing Brown of Brookfield High (Conn.) tripped to State College for Saturday's junior day. Fight On State talks to him about what the experience was like.

2013 Brookfield, Conn., quarterback Boeing Brown made the trip up to Penn State for junior day – and came away with plenty of positive impressions.

"Coach Bill O'Brien greeted us, introduced his entire staff with some back stories and comments," Brown said. "He was very sincere, positive and energetic."

But that isn't all that impressed Brown about the new Penn State staff.

"The entire staff is like a "who's who" from some of the best programs through out the NCAA and NFL," Brown said. "Almost too hard to process as you wanted to learn more and hear all of their life stories."

Brown has visited Penn State several times, and saw a big difference since the way things were during his last visit.

"Compared to November," Brown reflected. "The Penn State healing process and moving forward is well underway."

He continued, "I think Penn State Memorialized Coach Joe Paterno in an amazing way, he is there, he will always be there."

One of the ways that the Lions have moved forward, is with their new staff at the helm.

"This new staff is really great," Brown said. "Has amazing character, experience and readiness. I don't think I have seen a group of coaches so eager to get started and their positive energy shined throughout the day."

He added, "The recruiting was serious and professional. Put it this way, anyone who even started to doubt or be suspect regarding the plans for Penn State need to not even show up, because they are ready, they will win games."

Another part of the trip that stood out to Brown was the players council that all the junior day players took part in.

"The players all embrace this staff," Brown said. "They explained they have come through so much, but could not be more excited about the new coaches."

He continued, "Especially the way Coach O'Brien literally cleaned out the University of South Carolina's Strength Coaching staff and bringing up two of their key coaches to start a new regime for Penn State power and strength programs."

Something that is ironic for the Brookfield native, who still list's South Carolina as his number one. All in all, his interest in Penn State is pretty clear.

"I am very interested in Penn State and could see myself there with pride and excitement," Brown said. "With such a solid group of Quarterbacks interested, all of which play in the Pro-Style quarterback offense."

He added, "We are all appropriate for what they are looking for in a leader. Given the two offered players they already have in their first tier, I believe I am in the second tier depending on what they decide and perhaps after a Spring Camp there, I could move up."

Until then, he will continue to have contact with the Penn State staff.

"For now my primary recruiter seems to be Coach Strollo " Brown said. "And Bill Kavanaugh, but I think also it will develop with Coach Fisher as well."


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