Kenny Reviews PSU Visit

Indiana linebacker John Kenny took in Happy Valley this weekend. He goes in-depth on his PSU visit here.

After hosting one of the program's largest Junior Days ever on February 18, Penn State football saw a much more quiet period this past weekend. John Kenny, a 6-foot-2, 210-pound Indiana LB, took the opportunity to take in Happy Valley.

"It was awesome. I got to spend most of the day with Coach Vanderlinden and he took me over to see some academic people to talk about that side of things. Then I got to meet with Coach O'Brien with my dad and that was great. He could only talk for about 15-20 minutes because he had an event to speak at in Pittsburgh, but it was a great conversation," Kenny said.

Kenny also had the opportunity to speak with Coach Roof. "They were talking about where I fit in the defense as they see it," he explained. "They like me in their three LB system as the outside guy on the field side. They said they think I could play first and second down or third down too because of my abilities in pass coverage."

Kenny also took a tour of the University Park campus, watched a video of linebacker highlights, toured the weight room with the strength and conditioning staff, and took in Beaver Stadium. "I was just blown away by everything."

As of this early stage Kenny has offers from Arizona, Indiana and Iowa. In terms of a PSU offer, Kenny explained, "They havent offered yet, but they said they are looking at eight to 10 linebackers right now and are deciding on offers here coming up so they have to get together and talk about it. They told me to call them back later this week and I guess we will see what they have to say."

As for what is next on the schedule for Kenny, "I am visiting Indiana this Tuesday. Then I may take a visit to Wisconsin next weekend. I want to get out to Iowa, Arizona, and Boise State as well. I just want to get out to see all of these schools and then hopefully I can make a decision by the summer or a little before if I feel comfortable."


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