O'Brien Hitting The Goon Show

Penn State's new head football coach is slated to talk to former Nittany Lions Keith "Goon" Conlin and Tim Sweeney Thursday evening. You can listen right here.

The show is slated to start a 7 p.m. and Bill O'Brien is scheduled to be the first guest.

If you miss the show, we will add a link to the podcast later.

NOTE: We have a recap of the appearance just below the media window.

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A quick recap of the appearance:

• Friends call him “OB.”

• People of State College have been great to him and his family. His wife and kids are moving here at the end of the month.

• He was asked about over-signing. He said he wants to continue the tradition of recruiting top student-athletes Joe Paterno set. He has found they can recruit “the best of the best and the brightest of the brightest.” He won't bring someone in and then “cut” them for lack of talent. “That will never happen at Penn State.” Scholarships can be “terminated” if people break certain rules, like committing crimes or being caught cheating. “As for over-signing, that's not going to happen at Penn State.”

• He said the Patriots were rare in that all 53 guys on the roster were college grads. He thinks it proves you can win with tough, smart football players.

• He said right now, “We have a big team. We have a physical team.” He is anxious for spring ball to start March 26. Guys are working hard and buying into the changes in philosophy.

• He gave the coaches spring break off. And yet Fitz and Butler were with him at the show.

• He has not spent a lot of time looking at Penn State players on film because he wants everyone to be starting from scratch. He respects what the previous staff did, but, “We have our own schemes and own way of doing things.” Also, “I'm gonna judge these guys by what I see in practice.”

• Dakota Royer asked for a move to tight end. After talking to the staff, OB agreed to let it happen. Royer is playing “F” tight end, like Aaron Hernandez in New England. Royer is tough, athletic and smart, but has had injury issues.

• He is extremely proud of his staff. He said this about five times.

• They can't hit the road recruiting again until April 15. But they may wait until after the Blue-White game to get into serious travel. Sounds like there could be some visits to players close by before the B-W game, though.

• He can't want to see what the Blue-White Game is all about. He was asked if he'll do radio or TV, as Joe used to do. “I'll be calling the plays, I won't be commentating.”

• Someone asked about taking transfers who can play immediately because they have graduated. Goon tried to steer it toward Danny O'Brien from Maryland. Sweeney obviously was not up on that and how important it could be. He steered it toward Russell Wilson. OB took the easy escape route Sweeney provided and was vague. He said he will do whatever he needs to do within the rules to improve the team. If he thinks a transfer can help, he'll take one. But … “They still have to be Penn State-type guys. They have to understand the meaning of a Penn State degree and the type of football we play. After that we'll take a look at 'em.”

• He feels lucky and proud to be at Penn State.

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