Offers Still Mounting For PA TE

Beaver, Pennsylvania is the home of one of the most sought-after tight-end prospects in the country, 6'5", 240-pound Rory Nicol. Rory talks about some of his favorites and discusses his summer plans.

Name: Rory Nicol
Position: TE
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 238 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.83
Bench Press: 295 pounds
School: Beaver Area SHS, Beaver, PA

The scholarship total is still mounting for the coveted tight-end.

"I was just over my coaches house on Sunday and we were just talking about things," Rory said Monday evening. "I think now we figured out that I had 27 written offers and there are a couple verbal offers."

Does Penn State still lead?

"Yeah, Penn State has a slight lead. I don't really have a top 5, but I narrowed my list down to about 16 teams at my coaches house. I just want to visit some schools. I'm going to go down to North Carolina on Saturday and hopefully get up to Penn State sometime this week."

Is he still planning to visit Penn State on Wednesday with A.Q. Shipley?

"A.Q. is supposed to call me tonight. The thing with that is that our team is in pass scrimmage right now over at Geneva [College], a 7-on-7 thing and that goes until Thursday. So, there's a chance I might not go until Thursday and then I'd have to go up by myself. But, I'd like to go with A.Q. and those guys and stay the night.

"I just talked to Coach Bradley not too long ago. Dontey Brown is going to go. Tyrell Sales is going up tomorrow (Tuesday). The two big linemen, Harrison and Bowman, are going up Wednesday or Thursday. A.Q. is going to be up there both Wednesday and Thursday. I'll definitely be there. Even if for some reason I don't go this week, it'll be in the very, very near future."

It sounds like the Nittany Lions had a little larger lead when LionNews talked with Rory last month.

"Yeah, they did and the only reason I say that is because I kind of thought in my head that I didn't need to visit other schools. Now, I just want to make sure I visit and get the right feeling, that's all. I still think Penn State's on top of my list, but who knows, I could go to Tennessee or North Carolina and think they are. I just don't want to have any regrets, but I say it every time, Penn State still has a slight lead."

Is Ohio State number two as has been reported?

"They're high on the list and North Carolina. Georgia Tech is a school I want to see. They just offered in writing and I want to see that school. I think that while I'm down there, I haven't been getting recruited by Florida State or Tennessee, but I want to see those schools for some reason, just maybe get a hold of the coaches and stop by for a day or whatever."

Rory hasn't taken any visits yet this summer. He has previously taken visits to Syracuse, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Ohio State and Virginia Tech (summer after freshman year).

Right now, he plans to take a couple of official visits and is not sure when he'll announce his final decision.

What did he and Coach Bradley talk about?

"He actually had two of his nephews with him, so I didn't really get a chance to talk to him very long, but I told him I expected to be up this week . I'm going to call him tomorrow, in the afternoon, when he has a little more time to talk. We talked briefly about the 7-on-7 camp today and how I personally did, just little stuff. He talks to me. He's kind of like a friend. He's a good guy, I like talking to him. I'm honest with him and he's honest as can be right back to me. That's one of the positives about the relationship we have. I actually hadn't talked to him for 2 or 3 weeks, but I usually talk to him once or twice a week."

"I talk to Coach Ligashesky quite a bit, he's the tight-end coach at Pitt. I talked to Coach D'Alessandris from Georgia Tech pretty recently. I don't talk to him very often, but I do call him sometimes."

Is Pitt still in the running?

"Yeah, there definitely not out of the question at all. Without a doubt, I'd be interested in them, but the whole conference thing has to work out before you can make a decision. That's one of the big positives with the Big 10. They're so sturdy."

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