PSU Pro Day Notes

The Nittany Lions held their annual Pro Day event on Wednesday, allowing former players to put their skills on display in an NFL Combine style event. Get a review of the results here.

As in previous years, the Pro Day event was closed to the media, but security was even tighter than normal. The event had a strong showing with a wide array of NFL team represented including the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints.

Aside from the 225-pound bench press, the Pro Day event is set up like the NFL Combine where players can participate in:

• Two 40-yard dashes

• Two 20-yard shuttles

• Two 3-cone drills

• 1 60-yard run

• Two broad jumps

• Two vertical leaps

The Pro Day also attracted several former lettermen like Jared Odrick, Stefen Wisniewski and Anthony Adams. Some others were invited to participate in the event in an attempt to showcase their skills to NFL personnel one more time, like Jay Alford, Daryll Clark, Tony Hunt.

Here are some notes on various results from the event:

Derek Moye told us he ran a 4.41-second in the 40 and measured in about the same as the Combine; 6-4, 209. He has really focused on his speed.

Andrew Szczerba measured in 6'6 260 range, put up 22 on the bench.

Nate Stupar confirmed that his best time in the 40 was 4.55 seconds.

Stephfon Green Steph Green's 40 time was in the 4.4-range. He thought there was some good and some bad to his workout. He said he's thankful for the chance after what happened last summer. He said he did 17 reps of 225. He measured in at 5-9, 204.

Devon Still said his best 40 was 4.95 seconds. Said before the NFL Combine, he had not done agility drills for months due to his bad toe, fearful of re-injury. Said he was much better at agility today. One scout told him he improved his stock. Still measured in at 6-5, 300.

Chaz Powell said teams like the fact he can return kicks. Some were surprised to hear he played offense at one point. But is being viewed strictly as a DB now. He said he heard he ran in the 4.4s but was not positive of the exact number. He only worked out at DB but said, "I told them I will play wherever." Powell broad-jumped 10-3.

Johnnie Troutman said his best 40 was high 5.3s, a big improvement over the Combine. He did not bench today.

• Moye, Szczerba and Stupar all said they will work out at PSU in the forseeable future, apparently they feel Coach Fitzgerald can really help them. All said the PSU staff has been exceptionally supportive of the seniors and all have met with O'Brien individually.

• Astorino had a 33.5 vert and 9-10 broad jump. He did not know any of his times.

Some other notes of interest:

Shawn Oakman, who was kicked off the team, was at the event; not clear what than means.

Mark Arcidiacono has his right foot is in a boot immobilizer.

• One former player said the change in the way PSU is dealing with the NFL folks is significant. He said the way PSU limited access in the past really hurt certain pro prospects. Borderline guys more than the high-profile ones.

• O'Brien has met with the former players (current NFL guys) who were around and told them to get the word out that he wants people here working out and being part of the program in the off-season.

• O'Brien met with all the Pro Day participants Wednesday morning and said they are welcomed to use Penn State's facilities. Every guy I talked to said he is going to stick around town for a at least a week.

• It sounded as if the pro scouts went out of their way to try to keep the times quiet. Most of the players were not sure of their own times.

Bill O'Brien also addressed the media who came out to the event. His comments included:

• He reiterated that the new staff is looking to make the team better "within the rules," which can include the right transfers.

• He said he gets the impression that some PSU/NFL relationships need to be repaired, so he intends to cooperate with their needs and build those relationships up.

• In terms of position changes he verified Royer has been shifted to TE. Also said Cadogan has shifted to OT and Alosi to the offensive line. We also have learned Luke Graham has shiofted from defensive line to offensive tackle.

• He also said the top three QBs will split reps heading into spring practice (McGloin, Bolden and Jones).

• He was asked if Jones is eligible and he said yes "as of now."

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