Matthews Talks Lions

One of the schools that quarterback Lamel Matthews of Dunbar High is hearing from is Penn State. Fight On State has the latest from the Washington, DC standout.

Quarterback Lamel Matthews of Dunbar High in Washington, DC., has been hearing from plenty of schools – including the Nittany Lions.

"I was offered by Temple 2months ago," Matthews said. "And then Marshall 2 weeks ago."

He added, "Other schools that have been talking to me a lot are Penn State, Maryland, and Rutgers."

Penn State is a school that definitely interests Matthews.

"I get a lot of mail from Penn State," Matthews said. "I got a lot from the old coaching staff, but I still talk to the new staff."

He added, "But I would definitely like to visit them."

Although he doesn't have a visit planned to Penn State yet, he does have several others planned.

"I'm going to Delaware on the April 14 and Marshall on April 28 for the spring game," Matthews said. "I am going to Maryland's spring practice this weekend."

So what sets Matthews apart from the rest on the field?

"I think I'm a good passer and can read defenses well," Matthews said. "Plus I run a 4.6 forty so I try to use my athleticism to get out of trouble and throw the ball."

But even with his athleticism, Matthews is still working hard this off-season to get even better.

"I am working on my footwork and getting even more accurate as a passer," Matthews said.


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