Defensive end Pete Massaro, back from injury, talks about spring ball and his return to the defensive line.

Pete Massaro, returning from an ACL injury, talked this morning about his return to the Penn State practice field and more. Here's a review of his comments:

• He weighed about 270 last fall but is down to 260 now. He wanted to be lighter in the spring to take pressure off the knee. He plans to play at 264-265 in the fall.

• He is wearing a brace now and admits it slows him down. He will not wear the brace in the fall.

• There is nothing he can't do this spring. He has taken part in contact, even though they've only been two days in pads. But L.J. picks and chooses which drills to use him in. They are just being careful.

• He feels a little rusty but it is "good to finally be back out there." Also, "The knee is not 100 percent. I'm making progress and it's getting better every day."

• He said he's "80-85 percent." But he thinks he'll be fine by the time the season gets here.

• He never considered giving up the sport after he had the second ACL injury. He had seen other guys go through it in much more difficult circumstances. Jerome Hayes had a second ACL just after he and his girlfriend had a child.

• There have been some scheme changes. They are using a lot of different fronts. He said he is playing more in the seven gap than nine. But he said the basic defensive set — 4-3 — is the same. And a lot of the techniques and footwork are the same.

• He said the terminology is all different. Compared it to learning a new language and said before long they will be thinking the new terminology.

• He talked up Adam Gress. "He's emerged as a force at tackle."

• He talked up Deion Barnes. "Barnes has really down flashes and I think he's really going to be a good player."


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