Offensive guard John Urschel talks about the spring progress of the offensive line, his own off-season progress and why Coach O'Brien was "a steal" for PSU.

OG John Urschel fielded a variety of questions on his Tuesday conference call. Here is a review of his comments:

On the leadership of the offensive line:

"I think we have two great leaders in the form of our two seniors -- Matt (Stankiewich) and Mike (Farrell) -- they are showing everyone how things are done and really getting us together as a unit."

On what the S&C program has done for him personally:

"It's been a very good spring and winter for me. Sometimes you have to change the regimen up to see a significant change and I have definitely seen the results. I feel stronger and more explosive."

On grabbing the starting job:

"There's nothing fancy about it ; the top five linemen play, so we have to keep improving individually and as a unit. So we want the five best linemen who can give us a chance to win consistently in the fall."

On the coaching differences between McWhorter and the previous OL coaches:

"It's not all that different, but Coach Mac has different technique and fundamental coaching techniques."

On who he likes to go against on the defensive line:

"Jordan Hill no question. He is such a great lineman and really makes whoever he is up against play their best game."

On Zack Zwinack:

"Zach is having a phenomenal spring, he's running hard and taking care of the little things. I have loved blocking for him."

On the chemistry of the offensive line:

"You can't teach it, it takes time but I think we've developed a strong chemistry."

On Coach O'Brien:

"I think he's a phenomenal coach and he was a steal when we got him. I am really looking forward to the fall and playing for him."

On young players who have impressed:

"Two that come to mind are Miles Dieffenbach who is doing well with the ones and really turned it on this spring and Donovan Smith. Donovan is looking good, looking like a good football player out there."

On the blocking scheme and whether they have been able to use aspects of it from recent years:

"We've carried some over, but we've also had to forget some things. But we have a better understanding of how things work and how we fit into a blocking scheme and that carried over from previous years."

On the anticipation for the Blue White Game:

"I don't see how you couldn't be excited. It's a whole new coaching staff, new staff - it's so exciting for us."

On Coach McWhorter:

"He's very energetic and postive. When we watch film he focuses on things we do wrong and corrects them but also focuses on things we do right."

On the overall offensive progression:

"I think we're doing well. There's a high learning curve, but we're improving every day. I think it will turn out well for us in the end."

On if the competition is more open this year on the line:

"Certainly, but we have more open spots this year."

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