CALLING CARD: FB Michael Zordich

Get a spring practice update from senior fullback Michael Zordich on the offense, scheme, Coach O'Brien and more here.

Michael Zordich reviews changes with the fullback position in Penn State's new offensive scheme, changes in spring practice, Coach O'Brein and more:

On the changes for the fullbacks in the new the offense:

"It's a different style. We're doing a lot more in the passing game and lining up at different spots on the field, which is fun. It's not the traditional fullback. But it's a fun spot to play and we're really looking forward to getting going with it." He said he is not worried about a diminished role for the FB in the new offense, that O'Brien likes fullbacks. Asked specifically if he was worried about the use of the fullback after watching tape of the Patriots, he said, "No, I wasn't."

On what he likes about the changes to the offense:

"Just the diversity of it -- the different style, all the different things we can do with the same people in different ways. It's really fun, how creative it is. And it's fun to do because you get to do a lot of talking. You have to recognize a lot. You have to do a lot of thinking." Like other players, he talked about the learning process with the differences in terminology and such but said at the end of the day, "football is football."

Later, he said now players on offense have to know what everyone else on the offense is doing. "It's more professional. You have to be more on top of things and know what's going on."

On changes to practice:

"Our practices are faster paced and there is a lot more packed into the same amount of time."

On how much personal interaction the team leaders have had with Bill O'Brien:

"He's a new coach with new guys. And we've been around and know the guys on the team. He's talked to us and we've talked to him. We've helped each other out and that's how it needs to be."

So O'Brien sought out feedback from the older guys?

"I wouldn't say feedback. We've just talked and had conversations. He hasn't gotten any feedback from us, we haven't been teaching him. He's been doing all the teaching."

On O'Brien's style:

"He's a great coach. I have a lot of respect for him. He's a little bit of an in-your-face coach, which is awesome. I like that type of coaching."

On having to prove himself again as a senior:

"That's fun for me. I really enjoy it. It all goes back to your freshman year, when you first come here and are in a new system. You work as hard as you can to show the coaches what you can do. It makes it fun. You get to experience that all over again, which is fun for me. At the end of the day, I get to play football at the highest level I can in the spring. It's a fun time for me."


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