Hopkins' Busy Week Included PSU Visit

The New York lineman is packing on the pounds and picked up a Keystone State offer. Get the latest on his recruitment.

Tommy Hopkins received a scholarship offer on the trip west on Interstate 80 coming from his hometown of Thornwood, N.Y., Friday. But it wasn't from Penn State.

Rather, Bucknell offered Hopkins his first scholarship of the recruiting season. It happened when stopped to see the school on his way to State College late last week.

“I visited a bunch of schools last week, and Bucknell was the only one that offered me,” the 6-foot-6, 293-pound offensive tackle said.

And yes, you read that right. Hopkins has put on 15 pounds since he visited Penn State for Junior Day in February. Still don't believe it? Penn State strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald weighed Hopkins just to be sure.

“Coach Fitzgerald was happy that I gained 15 pounds, and he weighed me because he didn't believe me,” Hopkins said.

Fitzgerald had a reason to be surprised, as Hopkins had always been a three-sport athlete, giving him a delayed start to his strength and conditioning program. However, this year he decided to drop lacrosse and start lifting right after basketball season ended.

“I always played three sports, but I decided to give up lacrosse and started lifting five to six times a week, and eating some more, and most of that muscle is in my upper body,” the 2013 recruit said.

Hopkins made stops at Massachusetts, Connecticut, Boston College, and Temple along with Bucknell and Penn State while on spring break last week. As for his impression of the Nittany Lions, Hopkins said he liked offensive line coach Mac McWhorter.

“I really like Coach McWhorter's style, and it was fun watching practice and seeing all the coaching styles,” Hopkins said. Along with McWhorter and Fitzgerald, Hopkins said he also spent time with tight end coach John Strollo.

Hopkins said the Penn State coaches asked him to come back to camp in the summer.

"They didn't give me an offer, but they told me to come back for camp, so I'm probably going to go to that," he reported.

Like many junior recruits, Hopkins said he will make his decision before his senior season begins.

“I don't have any favorites yet, so I won't make a decision until over the summer,” he said. “But I want to make it early enough so I don't have to worry about it once the season starts.”

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