Sean Stanley tackled a variety of topics on Wednesday; see what the defensive end had to say here.

Sean Stanley fielded questions on Wednesday; here's a summary of his comments:

On the end postion: He said he and Pete Massaro are the starters at end now. Kyle Baublitz, CJ Olanyian and Deion Barnes are on second team. "It looks like we'll have a good five-man rotation in the fall."

On being a starter: "It's what I've been working for since I got here. I still have a lot of work to do, but right now I feel confident in my ability to earn that spot."

On his weight:He said he weighed 225 when he arrived at Penn State and is between 245 and 247 now. On the new strength program: "At first I was like everywhere with my weight. One day I'd be 230, one day 225. But now I've been more consistent and I keep building on that every day."

On Deion Barnes: "Deion has grown up from last fall. He's been a lot smarter knowing what's happening. And in the weight room he's gotten a lot stronger. He's made a lot of plays (in scrimmages). He's a great pass rusher. That's something we need."

On his personal goals for the season: "I think I can be a much better pass-rusher. I just haven't put it all together for a full season. I think I can at least be a double-digit sack guy if I put my mind to it and do what Coach J (Johnson) says."

On OT Adam Gress: "Adam Gress has had a really good spring. I wouldn't have thought he'd come as far as he has." He talked about that more later: "In years past, he might have been unsure of what he was doing. This spring, he's been more confident. In one on ones, it's been back and forth between me and him. … He's become a smarter and better player." He added that Gress has benefitted from the new strength program.

On changes to the defense under Ted Roof: "We don't have to play around with blocks anymore. As soon as we see the ball and what's going on, we can react. It makes us faster to the ball. We don't have to think as much."

On Roof: "Coach Roof is a really good guy. His aggressive schemes are a lot of fun to play under. It's been a lot of fun in the spring to play aggressively. I can't complain about it."

On how many pass rush moves he'll have in the fall: "I would hope to have three or four good moves and some counters off (them) going into the fall."

On if a running back besides Silas Redd as impressed him: "Bill Belton has probably had the best spring. His size makes it hard (to bring him down) and he's really elusive. He's been able to run between the tackles and outside."


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