Scouting Beaver TE/DE Rory Nicol

Rory Nicol is one of the top prospects and the nation and he backs it up on film. There's not much this young man can't do on a football field.

The more I watch Pennsylvania's Rory Nicol, the higher he climbs in the Midwest rankings. I feel Nicol is a "Top 10" Midwest prospect as well as a national "Hot 100" selection as well.

The 6-foot-5, 240-pounder, from Beaver (Area) plays defensive end and tight end in high school and could play either of those positions at the next level and could even move to the offensive line.

Nicol reminds me a lot of former Notre Dame star Andy Heck. Heck arrived at Notre Dame in the 1980's as a tight end and left as an All-American offensive lineman. Heck ended up having a very good professional career, playing in a couple of Pro Bowl's.

Rory Nicol has the offers he has because he won't be a wasted scholarship. He'll play somewhere on the football field and he'll be very good at whichever position he ends up at.

As a tight end, Nicol shows very good hand-eye coordination. He made one handed grabs and diving catches. Rory also knows what to do after he catches the pigskin and he's a load to bring down.

When Nicol lines up at tight end, it's like having a second offensive tackle in the game. I haven't seen many offensive linemen that can get after it like Nicol does. He has a very good first step, his hips and feet are exceptional and he doesn't quit until the whistle is blown.

As a defensive end, Nicol is very disciplined. He's hardly ever out of position and uses his speed to chase down the backside and he even drops into coverage to defend the pass.

What position will Nicol play in college? That should be interesting to watch unfold. Wherever it is, Rory will make the most of it and he'll flourish at the next level. He just has what it takes.

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