FRAME GAME: Best & Worst of McGloin

We delve into a play early in the Blue-White Game where the quarterback looked good and bad at different times. Check it out in our exclusive feature.

On the official stat recap from Penn State's recent Blue-White Game, one particular play is described like this:

“McGloin, Matt pass incomplete to Brown, Justin.”

But there was obviously much more to the opening drive play, where, on third-and-8, the first-team quarterback (Matt McGloin) failed to connect with the team's top receiver (Justin Brown).

In our eyes, it showed some of the very best of what McGloin brings to the table. And yet it showed some of the very worst, too.

When the rebuilt offensive line was thrown off by a defensive line stunt, McGloin found himself staring down the barrel of a charging D-tackle. Like a matador wearing a red football jersey, he calmly stepped out of harm's way to create more time and space for himself.

And that's when the bad started.

You can check out our image-by-image breakdown of the play in the Frame Game Gallery below.

Click the expand button (four outward facing arrows in the bottom right corner of the gallery frame) for a full-screen version.

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