Issah Going Coast to Coast to Coast

After seeing if Oregon is all it's quacked up to be, the Keystone State linebacker will be hustling back to check out Penn State. His family will be along for the short trip to University Park, too.

Central Dauphin (Harrisburg, Pa.) linebacker Zayd Issah planned his current visit to Oregon a couple months back, but he knew he wanted to make a trip to University Park sometime this summer, too.

It turns out, he and his family will make the latter trip sooner than expected. Issah will visit University Park next Friday, bringing his parents to meet the Nittany Lions staff for the first time.

“I'm headed out to see my family in Oregon and go to the NFTC camp out there, but I get back on Thursday and am headed out to Penn State on Friday,” Issah said shortly before taking off for the West Coast. “Coach [Larry] Johnson talked to my mom a little bit the other night, and we knew we wanted to get up there, and they put the logistics together so we can finally make it so my parents can see the campus and meet the staff.”

While Oregon holds a place with the junior linebacker because he has family in that area and he was born there, he said Penn State is high on his board.

“Penn State is one of my favorites,” he reported. “The new staff is awesome. You can just feel all the energy they have and how they get everyone involved. [Current PSU running back] Derrick Day used to play at my high school, and the stuff he's been telling me is right in line with all that.

“The vibe you get from everyone there make it seem like a good place to be,” he added.

Issah now has 11 offers -- the latest coming from North Carolina State three weeks ago -- but he said he's not ready to name a top-anything just yet.

“I don't want to be one of those guys who makes a list or a commitment, then hear from a school that sparks my interest and be stuck in the middle,” Issah said. “I know when I'll be ready to pull the trigger.”

Besides his trips to Oregon and Penn State, Issah is busy this summer with the region's newly formed summer basketball league, a league that includes Cedar Cliff High. Five-star tight end recruit Adam Breneman, a Penn State commit, plays on the Cedar Cliff hoops team.

“I got to talk to Adam after I got done running the scoreboard for his game, and the first thing he said to me was 'We Are…,' ” Issah said with a chuckle.

“We were just talking about the recruiting process, and something he said stuck with me,” Issah added. “He told me that he knows I can play at a lot of schools, but that when you play at Penn State, you're the hometown hero in a way. I feel him on that, because I'd like being able to come home and have people ask me how I'm doing personally and have them say you play for my team, because everyone here loves Penn State. Like Adam said, this is Blue-White country.”

As the summer plays out, Issah expected his relationship with Johnson to continue to get stronger. He feels the Nittany Lions really want him.

“Coach Johnson was the first coach to contact me, and he's a real easy person to talk to -- we talk about football and life,” Issah said. “I don't think they'd be saying all the things they are if they weren't really interested.”

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