Top 5 List Changes

The Insiders' 4th ranked linebacker, <b>Kyle Williams</b>, has changed his top 5 list. Who has moved up? Has he taken any unofficial visits recently? Is a trip to Penn State in the plans?

Name: Kyle Williams
Position: OLB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.6
Hometown/School: Bolingbrook, Il. (Bolingbrook HS)

"Not lately," Kyle replied when asked if he's taken any unofficial visits recently. "I'm waiting until after summer school. I get out of summer school this Friday and then I plan on going to Miami, Penn State, Purdue and Ohio State.

"I'm probably going to visit Miami later this month and then Purdue on August 3 and then Penn State and Ohio State last."

Kyle's always willing to recite, in order of preference, his top 5 list.

"The list kind of changed a little bit. My top 5 right now are Iowa, Oregon, Miami, UCLA and Purdue."

Oregon stands out as a team which has moved up on the list.

"They're making a move. They've just been on me hard, the handwritten letters, talking with the coaches, getting to know them better, starting to build that relationship with them. So, that makes me feel comfortable."

Williams estimated that he last talked to Penn State assistan coach Ron Vanderlinden about a week and a half ago.

"He was just talking about how much they want me. See, I had planned to go there a couple of weekends ago, but I couldn't make it. My dad had to stay in town because he got a call from his job. So, [Coach Vanderlinden] was telling me they were sorry I couldn't make it out there, how much they wanted to see me and different things like that."

His trip to State College next month will be his first. He has already taken visits to Iowa, Purdue and Michigan.

Kyle estimated that Penn State is still around 8th on his list of favorites. Hopefully, the Nittany Lions move up after next month's unofficial visit.

"They still got a shot to get [an official] visit. I'm not ruling anybody out. My top 10 schools still have that chance."

What are the chances he'll take the planned unofficial visit to Penn State next month?

"Oh, real, real high. I'd say like a 90% chance."

Kyle plans on taking all of his official visits before making a final decision.

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