Michigan QB Just Passing By

Class of 2014 standout Chance Stewart discusses his Penn State camp experience and why he checked out a Happy Valley landmark while in town.

When Class of 2014 quarterback Chance Stewart was getting ready to leave University Park after camping at Penn State recently, he and his family knew they wanted to stop one more place before heading home. It was just a bit down the road from the Nittany Lions' football complex.

The family wanted see where former Penn State coach Joe Paterno lived before passing away in January.

“We Googled his address and drove by after camp because we just thought it'd be cool to see where he made the walk from all those years,” Stewart said.

While seeing Paterno's house was the highlight of the drive back to Sturgis, Mich., Stewart had plenty to remember from his camp experience, too. His communication with new PSU coach Bill O'Brien topped the list.

“I got to work with Coach O'Brien a little bit during the camp, and it really helped me a lot,” Stewart said. “It's amazing how quickly he picks up on the little things, For example, we were working on throwing to our left, and he watched me do it once, and said, 'let me see that one more time.'

“Then after I did it again, he explained to me how important it is to get your hips around so that you aren't just throwing with your arm,” the Sturgis High standout added. “It's one of those things you don't think about because my arm is pretty strong, but that will help it be even better.”

Stewart claims two offers -- from Western Michigan and Wisconsin -- but has gained plenty of interest from other schools after making camp swings through the Northeast, Midwest and other spots.

“It was a great two weeks, but it was pretty exhausting and confusing at times because every quarterback coach at every school does things a little differently,” Stewart said.

Though signals were mixed at times, Stewart said he was able to focus on one goal.

“I just wanted to learn as much as possible about reads and drills and stuff like that so I can take the best of it home and get better,” he explained.

The Nittany Lions have stayed consistent with their recruitment of 2014 quarterbacks. They want to see as many junior-to-be signal callers before sending out any offers. That is perfectly OK with Stewart.

“I know it's going to be a slow process because a lot of coaches want to see tape at the end of my junior year and stuff like that,” he said. “That's fine with me because all I can do is keep getting better, and the rest will handle itself.”

While Stewart is getting interest from plenty of schools, he says that Penn State is right up there with the rest of them, regardless of the scandal that has jumped back onto the front pages lately.

“I follow all the stuff in the news, but it doesn't have a factor on me because it's all in the past,” Stewart said.

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