"I just don't know anymore."

Alex Fletcher made a verbal commitment to Stanford way back in February and was intent on keeping that commitment. Recently, however, he has grown frustrated with the Stanford admissions process. Is he still committed? Is he opening up his recruitment? Is there a chance he could join teammate Matt Hahn at Penn State?

Name: Alex Fletcher
Position: OL
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 270 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.1
Bench Press: 33 reps of 185 lbs. at Nike Camp
School: St Anthony's HS, Melville, NY

"I guess you could say I'm still committed," Alex said begrudgingly. "I still like Stanford a lot, but I'm just waiting to hear from their Admissions [Department]. It's taken almost 2 months now. Things keep getting delayed, my school doesn't have things, Stanford doesn't have things. It's almost not fair to me."

As a result of the constant hoops the Fletchers have had to jump through to further the process of Alex's admission to Stanford, the many frustrating delays, and the growing uncertainty of his admission, the coveted prospect has begun to consider other schools.

"USC, Penn State, Virginia, Miami, Michigan and Boston College. That's about it. USC, Penn State and Virginia would probably be at the top."

Each of those schools has offered Fletcher a scholarship. Penn State has the distinct advantage of having one former St. Anthony's player, Chris Auletta, on their current roster, and current Friar running back, Matt Hahn, committed to signing a LOI in February to play for the Nittany Lions.

Both Chris and Matt have been extolling the virtues of Penn State on a consistent basis.

"Yeah, I've been working him," Matt admitted, "but I wasn't sure if I was getting anywhere or not."

Until recently, it seemed as though he wasn't. Has that changed?

"I was just very, very strong in my commitment to Stanford," Alex replied. "We (he and Matt) won 21 straight games together, so it would be great to win 21 straight games in college together. That would be important to me.

"When I go out, like I went to a football game the other day, I was sitting next to Matt. On the other side of me was Mr. Auletta, sitting right underneath me was Mr. Hahn and Chris [Auletta] was right behind me, so I was kind of lonely," he laughed.

It appears as though the door is open a crack and there's a chance the Nittany Lions still have a chance to sign two St. Anthony's teammates in February.

"If I was to go to Penn State, my mom would probably want me to do the honors program. My mom's really, really academically oriented. All she really needs to do is see the light and see that she's got to just go out and probably see Penn State for herself and she'd probably want [me] to go to Penn State."

Although Mrs. Fletcher has yet to experience State College, Alex and his father visited Happy Valley for the first time in April for the Nike Camp.

"My dad liked it a lot. We just took our own tour of the campus. That was the only time I was there. I'm probably going to go to the Temple-Penn State game."

Has the Penn State staff remained in contact with the outstanding offensive lineman?

"Oh of course, Coach Paterno writes me hand-written letters every week.

"They sent me stuff about the business school and Matt's talked to me about [the honors program] too."

If suddenly, Stanford completed the process and admitted Alex, would he be headed to California next fall?

"I just don't know anymore. I'm not sure. I'd probably, most likely, if I get in and everything goes right--, I really don't know. I'm pretty frustrated right now. It's awful. I never get an answer. All the coaches are in Hawaii now, so I probably still won't get an answer."

Count Penn State among the litany of schools eager to welcome the excellent student/athlete who, in addition to possessing a 3.8 GPA and 1260 SAT score, is the Insider's 8th ranked offensive lineman.

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