MEDIA DAY: O'Brien Talks Team

Thursday marked Penn State's Football Media Day, the first under Bill O'Brien. And the new head coach talked about a variety of units, keys to success and even freshmen.

It was among the most crowded Media Day press conferences in years for Penn State's new head coach Bill O'Brien. And although were no major revelations to come out of the session, he did review his thoughts on several units and players in the early session of "training camp."

First, O'Brien stayed on message, reemphasizing the importance for the team to move forward. When asked specifically about the pending NCAA appeals he stated that his focus is to get everyone in the program to focus on the future.

O'Brien talked about the importance of players investing in the program. He pointed to a group of group of young players who arrived on campus last year calling themselves the "Super Six" (Bill Belton, Allen Robinson, Donovan Smith, Kyle Carter, Adrian Amos and Deion Barnes). They've formed a bond immediately when they arrived and it's gotten stronger through the adversity.

He also turned his attention to the freshmen, saying, as a group, the freshmen have picked up things much more quickly than he expected. He specifically pointed to players like Da'Quan Davis (CB), Akeel Lynch (RB) and Geno Lewis (WR) as guys who have done well out of the gate.

O'Brien really talked up the wideouts and feels they will be fine with the position. He especially was high on Shawney Kersey and Allen Robinson and their ability make plays for the passing game.

In terms of the running game O'Brien was asked if bill Belton could be a 20-carry back to which he said "definitely." He went on to explain when first arrived on campus during one of their first sessions Belton went to drill with the wideouts, the position he played last year. O'Brien asked him where he was going and immediately sent him over with the running backs.

O'Brien feels that the lines on both sides orf the ball are making progress and feels the defensive front seven will be the strength of the team. In terms of the offensive line he explained that defensive line coach Larry Johnson told him the offensive line is bigger and stronger than it was last year, which was positive endorsement coming from Johnson.

Looking at special teams O'Brien thinks they will be fine with Same Ficken place-kicking and Butterworth and Marcincin working at the punter position.

He said the defense is ahead of the offense right now, which is not unusual or unexpected. He also explained that keys to their success will be running the ball, stopping the run and special teams.


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