See what happened on the key play in Penn State's season-opening loss to Ohio. The Lions appeared to have things well defended, only to see a fortunate bounce (and heads-up catch) swing momentum the Bobcats' way.

If you were watching Penn State's 2012 season-opener against Ohio Saturday, you still may be wondering how the Bobcats scored a key third-quarter touchdown that completely shifted momentum in the game.

What should have been a Nittany Lion interception instead turned into a Bobcat score. And while PSU still led (14-10) after the play, it never really recovered on the way to losing, 24-14.

Check out exactly what happened in our exclusive Frame Game Gallery above. Hit the expand button (four outward facing arrows in the lower right corner of the gallery frame) to see full-screen verisons of the images.

Then see what several Nittany Lion defenders had to say about the play in our video below.

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