Choices Loom for Athlete Devin Wilson

He has to decided not only where to go to college, but also what sport to play once he gets there. See where he stands with Penn State and where the Lions stand with him.

Montour High (McKees Rock, Pa.) wide receiver Devin Wilson still hasn't decided whether football or basketball is best for his future at the collegiate level. But he's hoping as the year progresses, an offer will come along in one of those sports that stands out so much it will make the decision for him.

At 6-foot-3, 175 pounds, the versatile Wilson plays point guard on the hardwood, and both slot and outside receiver on the turf. While an offer did not come his way Saturday afternoon after visiting University Park for Penn State's clash with Temple, he knows the Nittany Lions are extremely interested.

“I was able to speak to Coach [Charlie] Fisher, Coach [Ted] Roof, as well as Coach [Bill] O'Brien, and they all said they are extremely interested in me,” Wilson said. “I talk to Coach Fisher a lot, because he's my recruiting coach, so we have a pretty good relationship.”

Wilson has experimented some in the slot for Montour this season, but feels most comfortable at the X or Z receiver in the Spartans' offense because it plays into the strength of his game, which is getting off coverage.

“I've played some slot this season, but I feel that I'm best outside, because I'm good against one-on-one coverage, as well as bringing the safety with me and getting guys open underneath,” Wilson said. “I opened up a lot this year, and felt I've showed people I'm athletic and can play anywhere.”

Now matter where he lines up, though, Wilson has contributed heavily thus far to Montour's 4-0 start. Though four games, Wilson reports he has 25 catches for 525 yards and six touchdowns.

The senior plans on speaking to Fisher this week as he continues to wait for an offer, and also plans to send film to the Nittany Lion staff as his high school season progresses. But he already has a good feel for what University Park and Penn State can provide him.

“The atmosphere was great, and I was glad to see they had a lot of people there, and that the fans are staying loyal with everything that's happened,” Wilson said. “I would like to go to a school with a pro-style offense and great academics, as well as somewhere that's not too far from home, but not too close, either.

“I like how Penn State has a bunch of kids in their school, because I want something that is really open and big, and Penn State has that,” he added. “They have that college feel that's not in the city, but it's more campus life.”

After visiting Penn State this weekend and Temple two weeks before that, Wilson has one more trip in mind for the time being.

“I'm hearing from N.C. State, Temple and Ohio the most, and I'd like to get out and see N.C. State sometime this year,” Wilson said.

Waiting can be the toughest part of recruiting, but time is on the side of Wilson with not just his college decision, but athletic decision, still up in the air.

“I'm hoping a college just stands out to me as I take visits and the year goes on, so I'm not in a rush to decide,” Wilson said.

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