John Urschel paved through a variety of topics on his Tuesday conference call. Here's a review of his comments.

Here's a sampling of what John Urschel had to say on Tuesday. Click the link below for a full review of his comments.

On if the line is stronger in pass protection or run blocking:

"At this point we're almost at the halfway mark. It's less about what are strong points are and more about improving both aspects of our play. We're focused on constantly improving every week with the run and the pass."

On dictating tempo against Northwestern:

"Northwestern is a very strong team -- ranked in top 25 and 5-0 -- setting the tempo is important to this game."

On who stands out on the offensive line to him:

"Off the top of my head Ty Howle. He unfortunately had an injury to his pect this off-season and then had another injury that set him back until a few weeks ago. He's worked extremely hard to get healthy and get back to contributing to our team."

On wearing down defenses with the running game:

"When you have backs who can wear down defenses and run hard it certainly helps our confidence. It's great we have some backs that can do that."

On where the team is:

"We have three wins and we're..."

CALLING CARD: John Urschel


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