OSU: The Low (and High) Five

See the lows, lows and a few highs from Penn State's rough home loss to Ohio State here.

It was an ugly second half for Penn State on both sides of the ball. The score was not reflective of the struggles PSU had in this game. Given the rough goings there were a lot of lows in this game.

Low Five

Answer the Door: Despite opportunity knocking throughout the course of the game, Penn State's offense refused to answer with some poor play-calling decisions (ala draws on third and long and going for two) and lack of execution. While the NASCAR scheme seemed to work and have OSU guessing, the offensive staff went away from it.

No Passing: While tight eds have a staple of PSU's offense, the Lions did not look to them, with Garry Gilliam, Jesse James, Matt Lehman and Kyle Carter each catching a pass up until the fourth quarter. Carter some some more action in the fourth, including a late touchdown, but it was too little, too late.

Grounded: The Nittany Lion ground game could not get going and find it's groove with 27 carries for 45 yards. Zach Zwinak had 42 yards on 12 carries.

Delayed Call: Matt McGloin struggled much of the night with his decisions, taking key sacks and tossing an instrumental pick six. He was completely off his game much of the evening, with late deliveries and careless play at times.

Broken Line: Although the running game and passing game struggled a lot of the issues were rooted in the offensive line having issues. McGloin was running for his life much of the evening and the backs had little running room. Toss in some poor penalties (no, the legitimate ones) and it was not a good evening for the offensive line.

Additional Lows

Wrapped Up: Granted, the lack of offensive production put the defense at a disadvantage, they still struggled on several third downs and got burned on a long TD pass from a quarterback that only hit a pathetic 37% of his passes.

No Return: Bill Belton should not be returning kicks. He lacks vision and cannot get into open space. He simply was not a weapon for PSU. O'Brien has to get a threat back there ala Alex Kenney.

Butt Kicked: PSU's kicking games, outside of maybe kickoffs, has been downright horrid and continues to be a liability. What's with the Australian-style kicks by Alex Butterworth? It's surprising that PSU was the team to block a kick given how slow Butterworth is to wind up on a punt.

Whistle Stop It's borderline tradition for the Big Ten refs to seemingly insert themselves into these big games in Happy Valley. This game had some horrid calls; the "personal foul" on Adrian Amos on a open-field hit, the "holding" call on a diving OSU lineman on Brad Bars on OSU's punt giving the Buckeyes the ball back. Mr. Buckeye Chris Spielman pointed out uncalled OSU holds throughout the game. As an aside Ohio State was the most penalized team in the Big Ten coming into this game and Penn State was the least -- sure didn't hold true in this game. Tradition.

The High Five

Get Defensive: Sure, they got gassed, but Penn State's defense came out swinging and gave the crowd something to cheer about out of the gate.

Hull of a Job: Talk about seizing opportunity, Mike Hull not only went in and sacked Braxton Miller, but also came up with a huge punt block to give PSU a big score and a big boost.

Catching On: The Lions have an impressive receiving corp, particularly in trio Kyle Carter, Allen Robinson and Brandon Moseby-Felder. The offensive staff has to get these three more consistently in the plan throughout the game.

Lehman Brother: With all the tight ends PSU has, Matt Lehman's emergence as a reliable receiver has been a welcome addition. He pulled in only two passes in this game, but one was for yet another touchdown. Again, they need to find a way to get him and his TE brothers more consistently involved.

Crowd Sourcing: The crowd came on strong for this game, facilitating a trademark white house for PSU. Incidentally, it was the first sellout since Bill O'Brien took the reigns.


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