AD Joyner Meets the Press

Penn State's acting athletic director fielded questions on football coach Bill O'Brien and more in the Beaver Stadium Media Room Monday. Get a recap and see the video of his comments.

Penn State acting athletic director Dave Joyner walked out of the Beaver Stadium Media Room along with football coach Bill O'Brien following the latter's press conference Monday morning.

A couple of minutes later, Joyner returned to get his coat. And after putting it on, he was quickly surrounded by a mob of reporters.

“I should have taken my coat with me, I could have made it out the door,” he joked.

Of course, after the events of the previous week, Joyner knew that if he showed up at any sort of media event he would be swamped.

O'Brien held the press conference Monday in part to explain why he decided to stay at Penn State rather than pursue an NFL position. He made up his mind on the subject last Thursday.

But in the days leading up to the decision, rumors about O'Brien's relationship with Joyner ran rampant. Joyner addressed many of them Monday. They included:

• Did O'Brien demand a raise to stay at PSU? “There were no demands. No, 'If you don't do this, I'm not doing that” kind of thing. None of that. None at all.”

• Is O'Brien's hefty buyout clause a point of contention? “No.”

• Have assistant coaches received raises? “Everything is as it has (been) and I'm not gonna talk about personnel stuff. Bill talked about bonuses. Again, that's personnel stuff. I'm not gonna talk about it. But we're always trying to improve things for people.”

• How is his working relationship with O'Brien? “Outstanding. We talk several times a week, even during the season.”

• On how often he talked to O'Brien while the coach was making his decision? “I was working at the Rose Bowl at the behest of the Big Ten. … I was in continual availability for anyone here at the university. The only time I'm not available is when I'm on an airplane, and sometimes I'm available on an airplane if they've got wifi.”

• Is he worried about O'Brien exploring NFL options next year? “It's always a risk with any great coach. If people weren't talking about Bill O'Brien, then we made a lousy hire.”

• Is he aware of Internet reports that there is a strained relationship between himself and O'Brien? “I've heard something about that somewhere. But that's completely untrue. Bill and I have a great relationship.”

You can see everything Joyner had to say in the video above.

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