Q&A: DE Curtis Cothran

The Pennsylvania pass-rusher talks about signing with Penn State and more in our one-on-one interview.

Penn State will officially welcome 12 Class of 2013 members into the fold Wednesday. Throughout the day, Fight On State will catch up with many of the prospects who faxed their National Letters of Intent to University Park.

One of the earliest Penn State verbal commitments, Council Rock North (Newtown, Pa.) defensive end Curtis Cothran, pledged to Bill O'Brien and his staff in the final week of March in 2012. Since then, he has finished off his final year of interscholastic play. Cothran completed his senior year with 35 tackles, eight sacks and 11 quarterback hurries. He chatted with Fight On State Tuesday evening, just hours before he would arrive at Council Rock to fax his letter of intent.

FOS: What has your winter consisted of after the football season ended?

Cothran: I've just been lifting really hard and working out every day. I've been focusing a lot on school, because as long as the grades stay good, everything should be good.

FOS: What stands out to you most from the 2012 Penn State season?

Cothran: I think the most special thing to me is that I realized everybody on the team is friends, and there are no rifts in the lock room. It's not like high school, but the atmosphere there is similar to my high school, because here at Council Rock, we had a very tight knit group.

FOS: When will you sign your National Letter of Intent, and how will you do it?

Cothran: I'll be signing my letter of Intent at home with my mom before going to school, and I'll fax it once I get there. It's pretty much how I envisioned my signing day going, with my mom and maybe a few people. I don't like too much attention or to spotlight myself or anything like that, so this is perfect.

FOS: What's one area you believe is a strength, and what area do you want to improve on once you get to Penn State?

Cothran: Right now, I think my biggest strength is my relentlessness; I will always do everything I can to make the tackle or get off a block. As for an area I'd like to improve, I want to work on getting off the corner faster and flipping my hips quicker. That, along with getting my feet faster, will help me get parallel on the line of scrimmage. Really, the best way to do that is repetition and working hard, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

FOS: What do you want to study at Penn State?

Cothran: I want to study kinesiology in college, and that's something I decided pretty much as soon as I started high school. I've always been an active person, and liked lifting and stuff like that with the body. I want to know how the body works, why people get sick; my ultimate goal is to be a physical or personal trainer, so that's what I'm going to study to be.

FOS: What stands out to you most about your signing class?

Cothran: The fact that everybody is friends and that every kid is a great person. I think there is a really good type of character in this group and everybody gets along.

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