Scouting State's Young DTs

Senior DaQuan Jones fills you in on the Nittany Lions' talented trio of redshirt freshman defensive tackles.

Penn State senior defensive tackle DaQuan Jones gives a scouting report on three redshirt freshman who figure to make an impact at D-tackle next season:

“Look out for Austin Johnson. He has the potential to be a really great player. Austin Johnson and Derek Dowrey, those are two to look out for. And Brian Gaia, too. All he has to do is learn to play faster at the line of scrimmage and he'll be a dominant player.”

More from Jones on Johnson:

“Austin Johnson is very naturally strong. He can take off the ball and get a good lockout on a veteran O-lineman. It's something a lot of freshmen struggle with coming in.”

More from Jones on young defensive linemen going from the Dirty Show (scout team) to practicing full-time with position coach Larry Johnson:

“It's a real advantage, because sometimes during the (season) you fall away from Coach Johnson and get away from the small details that really make a great player. Being with Coach Johnson, you get the coaching -- the footwork or the hips or something like that -- something small that being around Coach Johnson every day makes you that much of a better player.”

More from Jones on the three redshirt freshmen:

“I really like the young guys. They're really going to emerge. Seeing what they've been able to do in practice has really wowed me, because not a lot of guys are as strong as they are coming in as freshmen. It really amazes me to see their ability playing football.”

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